5 Benefits of Hiring Portable Toilets for Home Events

Your home can be the perfect venue for special events like milestone birthdays, graduations, reunions or even an intimate wedding. It's great to have everyone in a relaxed environment, and you can avoid the cost of venue hire. That said, there are often important logistics that are often overlooked when hosting an event at home.

For example, have you thought about whether you'll let your guests use your bathrooms, or whether you should hire portable toilets for the event? For small gatherings, using the toilets in your home may be just fine, but for larger events, there are some major benefits to hiring portable toilets for your guests. Here they are:

No risk of clogging

Ever been to a big party at someone's home only to spend ages queuing for the only available loo, and then to find it blocked when you eventually get to it? Fact is, when older or low-flow home toilets are used at a high frequency within a short period of time, they can easily get blocked by toilet paper.

If you think you're not having enough people at your event to warrant hiring extra toilets, remember to keep in mind the type of event you're having. If you're serving lots of drinks – you'll definitely want to think twice about just relying on your guest loo.

It's less hassle

When hosting a party at home, do you want to constantly be worrying about the cleanliness of your bathroom and if there's enough toilet paper for your guests? Do you also want the added worry of guests wondering through your whole house looking for the loo? Thought not.

Having a portable toilet solution for your event means you can focus on just enjoying yourself and being a host rather than having to be an emergency plumber or toilet paper dispenser. When you choose the right service provider, all of this will be taken care of so you don't even have to think about it.

No clean up

Dozens of people using the same toilet for a whole event and traipsing in and out of your house will inevitably mean you're going to be left with a big clean-up job. Hiring porta loos will completely eliminate this stress for you. They will be delivered and placed exactly where you need them, can be cleaned during the event by a professional cleaner (if you need one) and will be picked up the next day – no problem.

Easy access

Another aspect that is too often forgotten when it comes to hosting guests at your home, is the fact that your home toilets may not cater for all of your guests' needs. Elderly and disabled guests can struggle with accessing toilets that are located upstairs or far away from all the activity. Standard toilets and bathrooms not fitted with necessary safety features can also be a hazard. It's much easier to hire the right type of portable toilet with easy-access ramps and grab-rails.

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