Different Types Containers We Have For Hire

One of the tell-tale signs of a good shed is a strong, well fabricated framework. The majority of sheds are designed to be cheap and quick to assemble so it’s often a good sign of a quality shed if the manufacturer has not skimped on the framework. The strength of the framework will vary according to the size of the shed you are purchasing but we’re going to be looking at the most popular sizes – six by eight and eight by ten. Sheds this size generally have framework made from two-by-two inch wood but if you can find one with anything larger, say three by two inch then all the better. Three by two inch scant is deemed of a suitable grade for internal partitioning and is worth seeking out. This is kiln dried so it will be more resistant to warping than cheaper thinner profiles.

The framework on most sheds is commonly butted up and nailed. Joints that are screwed and glued are better if you can find a manufacturer that does this.

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