5 Reasons to Choose Onsite Container Hire

Given the current situation, you may need a convenient way to store your belongings or business equipment for the time being. We have come up with a list of benefits to renting a self-storage container unit for use on your business premises.


If you are not using your business equipment, it is a good idea to store it somewhere secure. One of the main benefits of self-contained storage is security. With a reliable storage container complete with anti-tamper padlocks, you can guarantee that your possessions will be kept safe until you need to access them again.


If stored in a reliable self-storage facility, your goods have little chance of getting wet or damaged which could happen if left out in the elements for long periods of time. With containerised storage built from sturdy containerised steel and full height doors, you can be sure your belongings will be kept safe from the elements.


Free up space in your school, office or commercial business by storing items you don't require immediate access to outside in a storage container. If your business has closed up shop for a while or you simply are reshuffling some things then container self-storage is a great option. With containerised storage you are guaranteed quick and convenient access simply by unlocking the padlock, which is an advantage over other types of storage (such as vertically stacked wooden boxes).


With regular monthly costs that allow for easy forecasting, you also have the option of extending your storage length should you need to. Depending on the size and type of storage option you require, there are a range of flexible prices available.

On Site Storage

When you rent a sturdy storage container, there is no need to travel to an external storage facility to access your possessions, we will deliver the container to a convenient location wherever you require it. We have a fleet of state of the art vehicles on hand to deliver or collect storage containers as and where you need them.

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